Update on July Home Intrusion/Shooting

TO: All Media
DATE: November 7, 2014
FOR: Immediate Release
RE:  July Home Intrusion/Shooting- UPDATE

On the morning of July 19, 2014 at 4:32 a.m., Crawford County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the 100 block of South 250 Street regarding a reported home intrusion.

Deputies found a juvenile male victim suffering from a gunshot wound to his right shoulder lying in a ditch in that location. The victim, who resides at 153 S. 250 Street, reported that he heard a noise in the house and got up to investigate. The victim reports that he found two home intruders in the living room of the house. The suspects were described as males wearing black clothing and masks. The victim reported that the suspects fled on foot and the victim gave chase, armed with a handgun. The victim states that gunfire was exchanged with the fleeing suspects, resulting in him being shot in the shoulder. The victim’s mother was on scene and attending to the victim’s wound prior to deputies’ arrival. The mother stated that she was woken by the victim’s warning of an intruder in the house.

A foot search for suspects was conducted by Sheriff’s Deputies and Pittsburg Police Department’s canine unit. Deputies also utilized thermal imaging technology in the search. No suspects were located.

This incident remains under investigation. Anyone with further information is encouraged to contact the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office at 620-724-8274.


Update on investigation:

At the time of the initial investigation investigators/deputies had reason to question the validity of the claims made by the reported victim, based on evidence observed and gathered at the scene of the alleged break-in.

The reported victim was being prepped for surgery and treated for the gunshot wound which hindered the immediate investigation.  With deputies’ unable to locate suspects in the extensive search of the area, investigators chose to wait for the results of the ballistics report to determine the legitimacy of the reported victim’s claims.

On September 26, 2014 the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office received the report from the Crime Lab.  The evidence from the .40 cal pistol owned by the reported victim and recovered from the scene, was the same gun used to fire all the spent shell casings recovered from outside the residence and the same weapon used to fire the bullet/projectile recovered from the victim’s right shoulder area during surgery.

After concluding the investigation, investigators are now sending all reports from the incident to the Crawford County Attorney’s Office for review.