Water Rescue June 1, 2013

Subject:  Water Rescue

Date:  June 1, 2013

Location: 520 Avenue at 70th Street


From:  Sheriff Dan Peak



On June 1, 2013 at 8:28 a.m., Crawford County 911 received a call of a vehicle submerged in water and people stranded in high water in Lightning Creek, near the area of 520 Ave and 70th St, rural McCune, KS.

Deputies on scene reported seeing what is believed to be six people stranded, one clinging to a tree and the others were on or near a bridge.  At least three vehicles were stranded or partially submerged in high water as well.

A 13 year old on an ATV was attempting to drive through the water, getting swept away.  A truck following the youth, driven by LaDonna Anderson, 46 of McCune was also swept off the roadway by the current.  Linda Johnson, 50 of McCune was a passenger in Anderson’s truck.  All three were able to get to safety on the bridge and remained there.

They were able to reach help via cell phone and Travis Gideon, 34 Tracey Cook, 44 and Cody Daniels, 23 all of McCune responded.  The truck they were driving stalled while driving through the water and they became stranded as well.

Crawford County EMS Water Rescue team responded and launched a rescue boat.  All six individuals were rescued with no injuries, all refusing treatment at the scene.

Also responding were McCune Fire, and Crawford County EMS units.